OSHA Outreach Training – Why is it Important for All Supervisors?


The OSHA or Occupational Safety and Health Administration Outreach course is considered as the foundation of any safety prevention and accident training program in the work area.

This safety course will only take about 10 hours and is created for the job supervisors, foremen, construction workers and anyone who are involved in the general or construction industry. The OSHA highly recommends that outreach training program courses must be implemented in order to orient the workers for occupational safety and to ensure each and every one is healthy and safe.

In addition, the workers must acquire additional training especially if required by the standards of OSHA, on the particular hazards of the job. Once the completion for the OSHA 10-hour course has been successfully completed, all of the participants will acquire an OSHA construction safety and health course ten hour completion certificate or card provided by the Department of Labor. There are no any experience or past safety training needed for this course.

The classes that will take for about 10 hours from www.osha10hourtraining.com will give great emphasis on the identification, avoidance, control as well as prevention of the hazard. The topics that will be included are the introduction about OSHA, electrical standards and fall safety. Other topics that will be included are personal protective equipment, hoist and crane safety, ladder safety, materials handling, tool safety, scaffolding, and evacuation.

This course has been proven to be very successful in decreasing the number of onsite accidents and the OSHA sees this course as their foremost means to train the workers on the basics of the occupational safety and healthy.

The OSHA outreach training can be given by means of an in-person training or if consented by the OSHA, can be given by online training. The OSHA has certain guidelines for the online safety training and there are only a couple of online safety programs approved by OSHA. Make certain that any programs online has been evaluated and approved by OSHA for the distribution online.

The online OSHA 10 hour construction safety training has a couple of benefits. Workers can train anywhere and anytime they want in the world as long as there is a connection in the internet. You don’t have to sacrifice hours from working just to travel to far places. You can now train while you work out of town. This is the great advantage that the internet has given to us.

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